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Pastor Terry Wilcox

Pastor Terry Wilcox

A proven leader at delivering compassionate, front-line ministry, Terry has led numerous mission teams to troubled spots all over the world, including Africa, Russia, South America and Asia. From January 2002 through November 2019, Pastor Wilcox served as the CEO of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

An ordained minister with 25 years experience as a pastor of growing churches, Terry has worked in the rescue mission ministry for 23 years. He has held ministry positions in York, Pennsylvania; Seattle, Washington; Damascus, Maryland; San Diego, California; Manassas, Virginia; Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In addition to his work with the poor and addicted in coastal Fairfield County, Terry serves on the board of directors of Sons of Thunder Inc., a ministry in Zambia, and as the Vice President of Encouragement Inc., an outreach in Kenya. He serves on the board of directors of Dexters Team, which promotes literacy and sobriety under the direction of former Redskins player Dexter Manley. Terry is the founding board chairman of the Windhook Rescue Mission in Namibia, Africa.

Terry and his wife, Danielle, moved to Lakeland, FL to take up the senior pastor position at Restoration Fellowship Church in November, 2019.

They have three children and five grandchildren.